Saturday, June 14, 2014

June '14

Paper and/or Ribbon Share
What is a paper share??
example: a group of people get together and make a Large purchase and they each get a equal parts of the purchase.
Here is how our share will work...

Paper only: (pages 184, 186 and 187)
10 different paper packs, 9 packs have 12 sheets each and the last has 24 sheets. All are 12” by 12”
For $29.00 you get a 6” by 6” piece of all 132 sheets.

Ribbon only: (pages 206 and 207)
5 different ribbon styles, 5/8” Satin 4 colors, 1 ¼”   Striped Grosgrain 5 colors, Thick Bakers Twine 5 colors, 
3/8” Stitched Satin 5 colors and 1/4” Cotton 12 colors. 31 different pieces.
For $52.00 you get a 2 ½ yard piece of all 31 different ribbons.

If you decide you want to do both,
the cost is $75.00, saving $6.00.
Due Date:
Money must be to me by:

email me with ANY questions!! 
Have a Great day getting Crafty!! 

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  1. You already know I'm in for the paper share. Hope we get enough takers.
    Thanks Jen, have a good day!