Sunday, April 13, 2014

April '14

Happy Sunday!!
Welcome to day two of Masculine Card weekend! 

Today is with out a doubt a Birthday Card.

The Banner Framelits were the way to go...

10 different banners (including the inside)...some pattern and some plain cardstock...
Trying to figure out the arrangement was difficult... actually.
Arranging before adhering is important.  They all ended up with the same straight line across the top but to me it still did not look finished.  But what do you do when you want to change things and YUP, you adhered the banners?? Well, get your trimmer out and ...

Make it go thru to the inside.  
Normally, I personally don't like to see the ribbon on the inside.  For this one though I had an idea.   I wanted to make it look like the banner actually "folded" to the inside of the card..

See how the banner happened to go to the outside edge?  That is why I put the inside sentiment all the way to the left (picture above).

With plenty of room available to write your note!!

I know there are a "few" people that will have an issue with this card due to the different patterns... that is why I used the plain cardstock in hopes to tame all the pattern.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!! and Have a Great day getting Crafty!!


  1. Jen, agree about the ribbon on the inside, good idea about the banner going all the way it.

  2. Jen, I'm loving the banner framelits after seeing your card. The ribbon inside and out finishes off the card perfectly! Once again you have done an outstanding job! Always look forward to finding Whispers in Ink in my inbox. Please keep em coming. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. I like it. :-) Never would have thought of doing that.

  4. I have seen this card in person and the photos do not do it justice! It is a fantastic card and I love the way the ribbon is run through the fold into the inside. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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