Thursday, July 24, 2014

July '14

Today is a special day... I get to share with you my 4H projects along with one of my adult students 4H project.  Did you know that as an adult you too can enter in your 4H fair?? Yes, I did. One project and one card.  I was so excited... One project you have seen the other you have not...

Put let me share some information about my wonderful adult student first, Paula and I meet at the local library, at a class that featured Halloween as our theme... Paula told me at a later date she almost did not come back, one of the cards we did had a tricky element that everyone had a difficult time with(including me), well you know how I like to get people out the their comfort zone... I still do it today!!
How can you learn anything if its all easy?? 

So I am honored to share her Starke County 4H fair entry
She told me that she was channeling me... can you tell?? hahaha
I have to say... I am one proud teacher!

Here we are with all our glory and ribbons. Super cute cards wouldn't you say?? 
Both of us received Reserve Champions for our card entries. And just so you know, I did enter as a professional. I wanted to challenge myself, and be judged with more difficulty.
Now you are asking yourself two questions...
Have we seen that card before?? and What project did you enter??
Here it is up close.. This I am happy to say is going to be part of the next Stamp Set Stamp Camp, Gorgeous Grunge. BTW, money for this is due Friday, July 25, email me with all inquiries!!
(giggle, giggle) My lovely Husband took one look at this card and said "ohh, it looks like the side of a barn", which funny enough was exactly what I was going for!!

Can you see the Grand in the background??


The slat picket fence was GRAND CHAMPION!!

well, Have a Great day getting Crafty!!


  1. What a nice post! Thanks Jen for featuring my project on your blog. You challenge me with each class I attend. Plus, I have gained a very good friend along the way. I believe this is one hobby that will stay with me forever. Can't wait until next years fair to see what happens. Maybe I too will make the Grand Champion Wall. Congratulations for that by the way. That's not an easy feat!

    1. Thank you for always making such wonderful comments here and I am honored to be called your friend!! Who knows what next year will bring!!!