Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter '14

I know the snow is melting, BUT here are a few shots from the 

I hope you can see the wheel barrel handles ... Yes, that is how deep the snow was here.

This is my front garden off the porch, the wood logs you see in the back ground, are the weight on the back of the "small" tractor....

the tractor has pushed all that snow from just the 
drive way....yup, small but mighty!

Sorry this picture was taken from the car. 

Dang it was cold out that day!!

Here are a couple birds that are enjoying the full bird feeder.

The Cardinal and the Black Eyed Junco are on the tree, off my kitchen window.  Wow, they were VERY chatty the morning this picture was taken.

Have a GREAT day getting Crafty!!

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  1. I'm hoping we soon see the last of this snowy winter! Can't wait to see pictures of your front garden in bloom in a few months.