Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It started with a $1

Yup, it started with $1.00.  
I found this already super cute wooden birdhouse at a garage sale for just $1.00. 
Humm, what can I do with this?? 

Here is the finish product......

Sorry for the lighting situation in this picture.  
Adding a fallen branch from outside, some paper cutouts and imagination....  

Keeping the pumpkins whole (not jack-o-lanterns), I could use this for the whole fall season.

Six punches of the same cardstock folded in half and stuck together are how the pumpkins worked.

The curly tops are from the bird builder punch.

A Cardinal perched on the branch would be typical for this time of year, at least I thought so.... 
Hot glue worked the best for this project.  Starting with the branch to the house, all the leaves, birds and made pumpkins.
Trivia... what colors do pumpkins come in?? Yes, there are white pumpkins, green and yellow.  So think outside the box on your projects too!!
A short funny story... Apparently, I left the craft room door open, the monster kitties in my house went and decided the branch would be a great thing to chew on.  I have had to since redo this project.
Please let me know if you enjoy this, 'It started with a $1'.  I plan on posting this the 1st of the every month.
Have a Great day getting Crafty!!!

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  1. I love "It started with $1!" Can't wait to see what other buck basics you come up with. :) I found your link on Stampin' Connection.